Theologia Viatorum seeks to delve into the theology of the pilgrim and/or traveler. The journal aims to explore aspects of theology and religion in order to deepen our understanding of God and to expand our views on religious traditions. The journal is interested in all African religious traditions in their various forms, in every part of Africa, and it is open to every methodology. View our Editorial Team.

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Original Research

Death in abundance versus life in abundance in the context of COVID-19 and poverty: A practical theological reflection on pastoral accompaniment during the grieving process  
Olehile A. Buffel
26 October 2022

Original Research

The one-sided view of VaTsonga marital endurance, Vukati VA Kandza hi Mbilu: A challenge to pastoral care  
Hundzukani P. Khosa-Nkatini, Dee Khosa
19 October 2022


Editorial: Theologia Viatorum  
Simon Moripe
03 October 2022

Original Research

Jeremiah 17:11 and blood money rituals among youths in southern Nigeria  
Favour C. Uroko
19 August 2022

Review Article

The metaverse’s potential impacts on the God-centred life and togetherness of Indonesian Christians  
Robby I. Chandra, Noh I. Boiliu
15 July 2022

Original Research

The link between aphorisms on Jewish eschatological expectation of the anti-Christ and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among Pentecostal Christians in Makurdi, Nigeria  
Favour C. Uroko, Lawrence Okwuosa
14 June 2022

Original Research

The ‘invisible enemy’ COVID-19 and the responses of Aladura churches in South West Nigeria  
Babatunde A. Adedibu, Akinwumi A. Akindolie, Adeleke A. Olujobi
12 April 2022

Original Research

The assurance that Yahweh can and will keep his own: An exegesis of Psalm 121:1–8  
David T. Adamo, Bukola Olusegun
17 March 2022

Original Research

Reimagining socio-economic well-being through the integration of Arthashastra’s economic treatise and Madhva’s philosophical notion on social cohesion  
Mathias Yuvan Shunmugam, Maniraj Sukdaven
22 February 2022

Original Research

Childhood theology and implications for pedagogy  
Jane A. Chiroma, Nathan H. Chiroma
17 February 2022
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Press Release: Call for new journal proposals


You are invited to submit a proposal for a new scholarly journal that AOSIS aims to publish. AOSIS will award one successful proposer with the funding necessary to start the publication in 2023. The proposer will also be eligible to join the journal's Editorial Board. Click here https://bit.ly/3UnhW6M to submit your proposal. Read more at https://bit.ly/3OU3l1S

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Call for Papers: Submit your research now


We call on authors to submit their latest original research manuscripts towards Theologia Viatorum. Please refer to the submissions procedure when submitting your original manuscripts. Read more on the AOSIS News Centre.

Posted: 2022-02-21
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